etax online tax returns

The ATO's online etax service is a popular way to DIY your own tax return and get tax back in Australia.

While the ATO's etax online service makes it easy to do your tax online, it can also give surprising, if not unwelcome results:

  • The ATO requires specific information as a prerequisite to using the e tax online service.
  • Many Australians who use the etax online service are not confident they have claimed all their entitlements to deductions
  • Deductions claimed in the ATO's etax online service often trigger a follow-up from the ATO
  • Taxpayers using the e tax online service fail to obtain maximum refunds, find the prerequisites cumbersome or are anxious about "getting it right".
That's where My Tax Zone can help. For a small fee we take the guess work out of doing your own e tax online and put your tax return refund in your hands. Leave it to our team of experienced tax consultants and tax agents:

  • Review, edit, sign and lodge your online tax return electronically.
  • Using our ATO approved online tax software all the calculations are done for you.
  • Your refund is maximised,
  • Instead of DIY your own e tax online your tax return is completed by our experienced team of tax professionals, lodged for you, you save money and you can feel confident that you "got it right"
  • Guaranteed lodgment within 24 hours *.
  • Unlike e tax online, no prerequisites to using our software ,
  • Ask a tax consultant session included.
  • Prior years e tax online tax returns now available: 2006 + 2007

Using etax online with the ATO? Switch to My Tax Zone. Our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, experience and backup support to attend to all your online income tax needs. Not even the ATO's etax offers that.

By David Maynard

CEO - My Tax Zone

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