2008 Tax return checklist

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Here are some reminders when preparing for your 2008 tax return:

Make sure you have all your certificates, including Centrelink where support payments have been received;

Fee from Refund
Whether you pay your fee on completion of tax return or have it deducted from your refund, we will need your bank account details. With EFT refunds can be fast;

Family Tax Benefit
2008 is the last year lump sum claims can be made through the tax return. In future they will be made with the Family Assistance Office.

30% Child care Rebate
No longer claimed on tax return. It will be paid by Family Assistance Office after tax return processed.

Baby Bonus
If you or your spouse had a baby or gained legal responsibility for a child aged five and under — for example through adoption — on or after 1 July 2001 and before 1 July 2004, you may be eligible for the baby bonus. We find some taxpayers have missed out. If so we can request amendments from the ATO;

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