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"eTax" 2008 or My Online.
Many Australians have previously used the ATO's etax online tax return. The ATO requires specific information as a prerequisite to using the online etax service. Many Austalians use the service but are not confident they have claimed all their entitlements to deductions, fail to obtain maximum refunds, find the prerequsites cumbersome or are anxious about "getting it right".

That's where we can help. For a small fee we take the guess work out of doing your own online tax return and put your tax dollars in your hands. Leave it to our team of experienced tax consultants and tax agents to review, edit, sign and lodge your online tax return electronically.

  • Refund calculated for you
  • Error checking
  • Perfect for wages and investments (excluding property)
  • Ask a tax professioal session included
  • Provides benefits of conventional consultation
  • ELS Lodgment (Tax Agents only)
  • ATO approved software
  • 2008 Tax Return checklist

D.I.Y. Online Tax Return.
Use My Online Tax to D.I.Y. your 2008 tax return. No waiting time. Prepare your own tax return online and My Tax Zone's experienced and registered tax agents review, edit, sign and lodge your online tax return electronically - making sure you "get it right".Our ATO approved online tax software does all the calculations for you, your refund is maximised, your 2008 return is lodged for you and you save money:

  • Guaranteed lodgment within 24 hours *;
  • No assessment number required for last year ;
  • Calculations done for you;a Online Video demo..."How to fill in tax form";
  • No waiting for an appointment;
  • Ask a tax consultant session included.

Prior year online tax returns now available:
+ 2006
+ 2007

Using My Online Tax is simple.
Step 1....Follow the steps to register & buy;
Step 2....Enter your unlock code & personal details;
Step 3....Enter your income and deductions in the tax return.

Once completed, submit your online tax return to My Tax Zone. Most refunds within 10 days (subject to ATO processing).Our online tax return preparation service utilises up-to-date ATO approved software. Fill your tax return forms in online. No more paper required. My Online Tax returns are prepared, lodged and stored electonically, making My Online Tax service environmentally sustainable.

FIXED FEE. No hidden costs.
Enter your own online tax return and leave the complicated part to us. My Tax Zone will:

  • Make sure you "Get it right";
  • Provide the backup support you need;
  • Lodge and store your return electronically
  • Maximise your refund;
  • In most cases save you money.
Using My Online Tax is easy. Our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, experience and backup support to attend to all your online income tax requirements. Even the AOT etx can't offer that.
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By D Maynard
CEO My Tax Zone

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