Missing or Lost PAYG Payment Summary. What do I do?

(last updated 26/03/2014)

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We have found one of the primary reasons people get behind in their tax return lodgments is they lose or misplaced one or more PAYG Payment Summaries. All of a sudden you find yourself four, five or six years down the track without a tax return being lodged. By that stage you are usually concerned and a little scared – not to mention missing out on possible refunds. And, if you have children, your partner’s Family Tax Benefit will be put on hold until the tax returns are brought up-to-date.

Here is a checklist of things you can do to obtain missing or lost PAYG Payment Summaries and get back on track:

  1. The ATO expects you to make reasonable attempts to get a copy of your missing or lost PAYG payment summary. If you can’t get a payment summary, you can ask your employer to sign a letter stating the income and tax withheld throughout the income year.
  2. If all attempts to get your payment summary are unsuccessful, then you can complete a statutory declaration used in place of the missing payment summary. To complete this declaration you may need to refer to your bank records or payslips to estimate your income and tax withheld.
  3. For a small research fee of $35 we will contact the ATO and make the necessary arrangements to research and obtain the necessary information to get you up-to-date. Once we have the necessary information we can then prepare and lodge all your prior tax returns.

In some cases where we have prepared and lodged multiple tax returns the client has received many thousands of dollars. So get on the phone now and ask our friendly staff for information on obtaining missing PAYG Payment Summaries.

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