Do you have a Legal Will?

We have become a reseller of the commonly used WILpac. Here are some facts about wills:

  • The WILpacTM is lawyer approved for use throughout Australia. 7
  • out of 10 people die each year without a Will or one that can be located.
  • 5 out of 10 people that have Wills need to update them.
  • 8 out of 10 people cannot immediately locate their Will.
  • Most Wills are not complicated and do not require a solicitor. If your Will is complicated, use our Personal Solicitor Will.
  • Spouses or de-factos should have separate Wills.
  • If you don't have a Will or it can't be located you are deemed to have died intestate. If you die intestate the Government decides what happens with your estate.
  • A Will is the only legal way to decide who looks after your children if both parents die.
  • If anyone changes their name in your Will you should write a new one.
  • In most cases, marriage cancels a previous Will.
  • Divorce may leave a Will with very little value.
  • An up to date Will is the only way to control who looks after your affairs.
The WILpac will be available to purchase from our office soon. Recomended retail price is $25.95 (single) and $29.95 (couple). For more information on this topic click on this link >>>> will kits.

By David Maynard CEO
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