75% of Taxpayers use a tax agent

Anyone can do their own tax return. 75% still use a tax agent to complete their returns.

Many want to do it themselves to save money and avoid the hassle of finding a reliable tax consultant, waiting for appointments or wondering if the ATO will audit their return.

This is where we help you. For a small cost we take the hassle out of doing your 2008 income tax return completely by yourself. My Online Tax, our new online tax service, is available Australia wide.

It doesn't matter where you are, you can do your 2008 income tax return lodgment yourself and still get support from our team tax professionals.

If you are planning to do your 2008 tax return using etax we can also help you.

The ATO requires certain information as a prerequisite to using the e-tax service. Many Austalians use the service but find the prerequsites cumbersome and feel uncertain they have claimed all there entitlements to deductions. That's where we can help. For a small fee we take the guess work out and put your tax dollars in your hands.

Prepare tax returns online with the help of a tax professional. Enter your own tax return and a My Tax Zone tax professional reviews, edits, signs and electronically lodges it. It's convenient, safe and environmentally sustainable (up to 85% less paper consubption).

  • Refund calculated for you
  • Error checking
  • Perfect for wages and investments (excluding property)
  • Ask a tax professional session included
  • Provides benefits of conventional consultation
  • ELS Lodgment (Tax Agents only)
  • Environmentally sustainable
At My Tax Zone, our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, accreditation, experience and backup support to attend to all you online income tax requirements. Not even the ATO's etax can offer that.

By David Maynard CEO
My Tax Zone

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