Tax File Number (TFN) Application for Individuals

(last updated 23/04/2014) 

A tax file number is a unique number issued to you for life by the ATO.

Why You Need a Tax File Number

  • lodge a tax return
  • apply for some income assistance or support payments, such as pensions or benefits from either Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA)
  • claim family tax benefit (FTB) – your FTB tax claim cannot be processed without it
  • make or receive payments under the pay as you go (PAYG) withholding system
  • start or change jobs
  • need to submit a completed tax file number declaration or a withholding declaration to your employer
  • have savings accounts or investments that earn income – for example, interest or dividends. (Non-residents don’t need a TFN for interest, dividends and royalty payments as these are subject to non-resident withholding tax)
  • join a superannuation fund
  • are a client of the Child Support Agency
  • are a non-resident living outside Australia with business interests in Australia
  • are a company director or a public officer of an entity applying for an Australian business number (ABN)

How to Apply For a Tax File Number

If you are an individual there are several ways to apply for a tax file number:
You may also be able to apply for a tax file number:
  • through Centrelink – if you are applying for Austudy or ABSTUDY
  • through Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink – if you are receiving certain benefits or income support payments t
  • through your secondary school, or
  • by visiting – if you are a permanent migrant or temporary visitor to Australia (see the Applying online section).
If you are a secondary school student, you may be able to complete a tax file number application or enquiry for a secondary school student (NAT 2024) form. Check with your teacher to find out if you can apply for a tax file number through your school
FREE fact sheet on applying for and using a tax file number ==> Tax File Number

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