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I recently discovered this Australian internet site to help manage your shares. It's free for single share details or you can register to manage your share portfolio. You can monitor your dividends and share holdings and work out your cost base for capital gains tax. You can also buy and sell shares online.

The company is Computershare - the following is extracted from their web page:

"We are the world’s largest -- and only global -- share registry, and a leading provider of financial market services and technology to the global securities industry. ...Together, we manage more than 100 million shareholder accounts for over 14,000 corporations around the world."

Single-source services and solutions (moitoring a single share at a time) include:

  • share registry management / transfer agency services

  • employee share and option plans

  • print and digital document services

  • strategic investor relations and market intelligence

  • cross border-listing solutions

  • depositary instruments

  • global share plans

  • Local knowledge, global reach

Here is the link

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By David Maynard

CEO My Tax Zone

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