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Things you need to know about the ATO's etax system:

  • The Australian tax system is based on a principle of self-assessment which means that it is your responsibility to lodge a tax return to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) each year.
  • Failing to lodge a return can lead to financial penalties, so don t avoid it! There are plenty of businesses that can do your tax return for you but did you know that you can do your own online tax return at
  • With etax, you prepare and lodge completly by yourself (a little scary for many people). With My Tax Zone, you prepare, we check and lodge and the ATO processes and issues your refund:

  • The online tax service is a paid service. At less than half the price of walking into our office you still get all the backup, support, service and benefits of using a registered accountant/tax agent - the service is just online.
  • What about the free etax service offered by the ATO?Each year we receive new clients who self-lodged the previous year with etax and found the "free" etax service ended up costing them after receiving adjustment letters from the ATO due to errors in lodgment.
  • Although the errors are relatively simple, they still cost. What price are you willing to pay to use etax?

For an alternative to the ATO's etax service you can check out our online tax return service at At My Tax Zone, our supportive team has the GENUINE expertise, accreditation, experience and backup support to attend to all taxpayers' online income tax needs.

By David Maynard

CEO - My Tax Zone

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