Simple GST Bookkeeping Solution for the non Accountant

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Cashflow Manager is the simple cash GST bookkeeping solution for non-accountants. Since the introduction of GST in 2000 we have supplied many clients with this software package.

It's really simple to use. Simply record your receipts and payments transactions in columns. You don't need to know anything about accounting, and everything is right there on the screen for you to review. Each column has a 'GST' type that automatically calculates the GST and makes your BAS Statement a breeze. The program is so simple that it comes with a full, no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee so there is no risk in giving it a try.

Cashflow Manager uses columns to record receipts and payments.This means that you do not need to know anything about accounting, plus you can see exactly what you received or spent money on at a glance, and you don’t need to attend long, expensive training courses to use the program.

Customising the program for your needs is very simple with a wizard that walks you through each step.It takes just minutes to get up and running and using the program.
There are several ‘business templates’ that automatically establish columns for your type of businessIncluding Direct Sales, General Business, Associations & Clubs, Farmers, Medical Practice, Professional, Trade and even Home and Personal.

You can add your own columns or delete those you don’t need. Personalising the columns for your business is a breeze. By using the template most appropriate to your business, it takes just a few minutes to personalise the program for your needs. (You can even use Cashflow Manager to control your home finances.)

Reconciling to your bank takes just 5 simple steps.(It’s really only 3 simple steps because step 4 lets you know about any discrepancies, and step 5 protects your reconciliation from any accidental changes.) Reconciling to your bank gives confidence that your records are correct ... and yet it is the task that many people find most daunting. Cashflow Manager's simple steps saves time and frustration in this important process.

Comprehensive reports explain your business transactions and results.You can see and understand exactly how your business is going, and preparing your taxes is a breeze.
Comprehensive, easy to follow Help and Video Tutorials that walk you through each process.This answers any queries you might have in using the program to give you peace of mind.

The Monthly Summary Report provides a picture of your monthly receipts and disbursements.This gives you a summarized picture of where you money has come from, and where it has gone on a month-by-month basis. This is fantastic information to help you plan for the future

Cashflow-Manager is only available through registered accountants so go online at now to purchase.
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By David Maynard

CEO - My Tax Zone

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